About us

Bogdanović Distillery was founded in 1997 in Jajinci, a place below Mount Avala, near Belgrade. Zoran Bogdanović is the third generation of the family which has been producing fruit brandy on this location for decades. He works together with his son Aleksandar, who is in charge of marketing. They have their own fruit groves, but they also buy fruit from their partners from Čačak, Šabac, Topola, Kragujevac, Mrčajevci and Grocka.

Zoran Bogdanović is not only a modern brandy producer, but also the bearer of his family tradition, who blends the old and the new in order to make his brandies even better.

Serbia’s best fruit brandies under the same roof

Kuća rakije
Kvalitet Srebrna Bronza

The realization of the project "The Rakia House" included the best brandy producers and the best quality fruit brandies in Serbia. The renowned experts prof. dr. Ninoslav Nikičević, prof. dr. Slobodan Jović and prof. dr. Vele Tešević evaluated 86 samples from 28 brandy cellars in Serbia and awarded 17 producers and 47 of their fruit brandies. "Bogdanović" Distillery participated with two samples, both of which were awarded medals. The Muscat Hamburg grape brandy won a silver medal and William Pear brandy won a bronze medal. Next year we are planning to participate with our complete assortment!!!